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The Peak Accounting Group offers distinctive and client centric tax saving solutions. Our unique business model impeccably aligns subject matter experts with proven methodologies to render pragmatic, value-added results that are sustainable on IRS examinations.

Our subject matter experts have exceptional proficiency in the design, implementation, and execution of methodologies for numerous credits and incentives including:

  • Research Tax Incentives, Orphan Drug Credits, Therapeutic Discovery Credits;
  • Fixed Asset Review; Cost Segregation Analysis; Construction Tax Planning; and
  • Accounting Methods & Inventory Analysis.

Our subject matter experts will render these value-added service offerings in accordance with applicable statutory, administrative and judicial interpretations to ensure a sustainable deliverable should an IRS exam commence. The deliverables will:

  • Properly qualify and quantify the results of our findings; and
  • Compile and deliver IRS audit-ready deliverables for cost efficient and effective tax┬ácontroversy support.